Saturday, January 05, 2008

Truth about Shenzhen

My mother-in-law had a great story to share with us today. A while back, she made friends with a woman in our building. She's now decided that this woman is rude and there is no reason to even talk to her anymore.

Apparently, this woman has lived in Shenzhen 20 years and feels she's better than anyone who isn't a "real" resident of the city (keep in mind that I'm older than this city). She kept making comments about how uncivilized and poor people from Xinjiang are. She doesn't believe that there is any "modern" thinking that province. My mother-in-law's response was, "Yes, all the people in my hometown run around naked." This woman continued with how successful Shenzheners have to have multiple affairs--changing partners at least every three months. Supposedly, this is considered modern thinking. And yet, she confesses to having difficulty sleeping at night because her relatives have more money and better cars than she does.

So, there's your proof folks. Shenzheners are wealthy, disease-infested whores with an inferiority complex.

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