Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Driver's License

I've been reading the news about the REAL ID driver's license that all Americans will need soon. The last article I was reading mentioned that I'd need one starting in the spring if I want to fly around the U.S. However, it makes no mention of substituting this new ID with a valid passport (which I need to renew within two years).

Here are the problems I have with this new license legislation. First, I have Colorado license from the years I was in grad school prior to moving to the other side of the world. This license is supposedly valid until 2013. The problem with obtaining a new license is that I don't have a residence anymore. That is, of course, unless I claim my parents' house as my residence. The problem with this is that New Jersey doesn't have reciprocal licenses, which means I have to retake the driving test.

I really don't see what's wrong with most states' driver's licenses. I can understand the government wanting more security added so that they can't be counterfeited as easily, but the new law is a bit of a pain in the ass. Realistically, the government needs better legislation pertaining to citizens obtaining a license rather than the licenses themselves. It's very simple to hand over an old license to obtain a new one. Why is it so difficult to find people who have multiple driver's licenses? This is not really a state problem, it's a federal government infrastructure problem that they're trying to pass off on the states. Way to go Congress, just keep on piling up the bureaucracy.

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