Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cue Alice Cooper

"School's out for Spring Festival..." Ok, it doesn't sound as good with those lyrics. I never uploaded any Alice Cooper before I left the states two and half years ago. But I'll get a chance to add new music to my hard drive in another week when Jia and I leave Shenzhen for the icy weather of New Jersey. Why do I want to listen to Alice Cooper, you ask? Because, I handed in the final grades for my PhD class today. I'm done for the term, and don't have to return to campus til Feb. 25. I'm proud to say, I didn't have to fail any students (a few came close though).
For the next week, I will have the opportunity to sleep late, sit around the apartment, and pack for our trip. I suppose I should also wander around a bit more in search of some gifts to give to friends--I really need to think of what I can get for some people. I'll also be spending some time making our itinerary for the time in the states. Specifically, I need to think of all the sights in New York City that I haven't seen in 20 years. Anyone have suggestions? We're already planning on going to the Statue of Liberty (maybe I can buy another "made in China" souvenir of it), the Empire State Building, MoMA, and the Museum of Natural History. We're skipping Central Park since it'll be way too cold to walk that much.

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