Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm back

Jia and I have been back in Shenzhen for three days now. I'm still exhausted from the trip--I didn't sleep well on the flight or at the hotel in Hong Kong. I hope I can sleep better tonight to get myself ready for work on Monday--I think I have to teach resume writing.

Anyway, this week I'll begin writing up some more in-depth posts about our trip to the states, and I might even post a few photos (assuming I edit and resize them).

Other news from the land of the waiguoren: My new year's resolutions will begin now that Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) is over. This means that I will spend more time learning Chinese and writing those half-finished novels. I will also do my best to stick to a schedule with goals--my wife has permission to beat me if I don't.

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