Friday, February 15, 2008

Trip Update

I know I got lazy with the title of this one.

I'm exhausted and ready for my vacation to end. We spent last week in southern California with my grandparents. We didn't do much besides meet relatives and eat for four days. At least we got to Laguna Beach for a little while. Jia really enjoyed the area and I think she wants to move there--now, she has to convince me to do the same because I don't have any desire to move to California. I guess I just have to introduce her to Colorado this summer so she'll forget all about it.

After our return to New Jersey, we took a road trip to Washington, DC, for a few days. We had bad timing--the weather was terrible. We got to see quite a bit--the Capitol building tour, Native American museum, Washington Monument, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, and few other brief stops in the area. I'm still amazed at how many Chinese tourists we ran into--Jia's been talking to all of them. I scared two girls on a school trip by saying, "bu ke qi," after taking a photo for them.


Oliverdt said...

Great vacation site, I guess you had lots of fun touring. Please visit my blog too if you have extra time, Thank you for sharing your blogs.

Anonymous said...

I usually see a vacation as a time to relax lol, so to hear you say you're ready for it to end is something unusual for me.

Though I say this now. We're going on a weeks skiing vacation in March and I have a feeling I may be saying the exact same thing!

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