Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Notes from America and a movie

I think Jia misses being in my hometown more than I do. She keeps talking about the food--specifically the pastrami at Harold's in Parsippany and Crif Dogs in NYC. I can try to cook some food that we got back home, but those two definitely cannot be recreated with my kitchen in China. Other foods we sampled were Greek, Indian, Japanese, Lebanese, Italian, Mexican, Cuban, Spanish, and Jersey Diner.

We watched Juno the other night. I can see why it got such positive reviews--it has a good story with interesting characters and wit. The dialogue sounds fairly natural and differentiates itself from most films I've watched. The father and step-mother are definitely the most amusing characters in the film; it's a shame they didn't get more screen time (but that probably would've ruined the story considering they're secondary characters). I'd place Juno as one of the top movies I've seen in the last year (note: I haven't seen any other Oscar-nominated movies).

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Aniko said...

Got your message at the Orange place. Pretty crazy. Thanks for the link here.