Thursday, April 24, 2008

China Gets Litigious

More stupidity to add to that previous post: According to China Daily some lawyers in Beijing have filed a frivolous lawsuit against CNN and Jack Cafferty. The 14 lawyers are seeking an apology and 100 RMB each for "mental distress." Apparently you can suffer mentally when a blow-hard calls you a goon or thug.

100 RMB?? Is that all their time is worth? These must be the cheapest lawyers in the world. If this lawsuit is successful, I'll have to consider filing my own for all the nasty things I've been called for standing around being foreign.

I suggest Cafferty pay the minimal sum requested before the exchange rate gets worse for the dollar. Of course, Cafferty could always come up with his own frivolous counter-suit--I'm sure there are plenty of American attorney dying to get involved in this circus.

I also read an earlier commentary about the same Cafferty situation--the problem is that the first paragraph (second sentence, actually) doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I'm tired from correcting my students' work, so would any kind editors like to take a stab at this one?
The American Cable News Network (CNN) is making news with China, again. Last time, editors chopped a picture with more than 10 stone-throwing Tibetan mobs chasing a Chinese riot police wagon nowhere to see, causing wrath of millions for photo doctoring. This time, an amateur anchor blasted out Chinese people as "goons and thugs" and Chinese-made goods as "junk".

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