Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Can you set the oven to cold?

It's just a bunch of little things going on lately. We bought the air purifier last night to help us fight the pollution and mold. It's a Yadu (Chinese brand that's supposedly good). We got a real warranty to go along with it just in case. The service at Suning was pretty good--probably because it's been open for quite a while and never has anyone buying anything because the building is still under construction. We could've bought the same thing from Jusco a day earlier, but we didn't like the fact their employees couldn't answer a single question.

Unlike last week, it's starting to get really hot...and my school won't turn on the air conditioning until May. Even the Chinese staff thinks this is a little ridiculous. I'll have to suffer through teaching in a hot room for a few more weeks.

On another Jusco note, I'm still mourning the loss of my beer. It's been at least six weeks since they last carried that sweet dark beer by Asahi. We wrote a complaint and they claimed there was a problem with Asahi not being able to supply enough. Supposedly they'll get it again. This being China, I won't hold my breath.

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