Friday, April 25, 2008

The Farce Continues...

Really now, is this necessary? Please tell me it's not true. Did I read this article correctly? Does it really say that China is suing CNN and Cafferty for $1.3 billion ($1 for each person)? Yesterday it was 1400RMB for a lawsuit in Beijing. This one is apparently being brought to court in New York.

I wonder why the lawsuit only seeks money for Chinese citizens. What about the overseas Chinese who had their feelings hurt? I think these people should sue the original lawyers for discrimination.

I understand that people are upset because of Cafferty's choice of words. I don't agree with what he said, but this is seriously overreacting.

This will only lead China down a dangerous path of litigation. If it is this easy to sue someone for stupidity, then there are plenty of others who have the right to seek damages for comments made by Chinese people. Does this mean foreigners can sue every time they have to pay a higher price for goods in China? Does this mean I can sue the idiots who call my wife a "traitor" for marrying a foreigner?

China needs to be ready for the equally idiotic response to the already stupid actions in this situation.

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