Monday, April 21, 2008

Perfect Game

Welcome to the Waiguoren's 300th post.

My goal today is start to make a difference. I'm asking my readers to consider their lives and the lives of others. I'm also asking that anyone who has a worthwhile cause (i.e. non-profit organizations, NGOs) to please send me information. I'm offering free space for any and all worthwhile causes--I'll even offer my time to help in any way I can.

One of the difficulties of living in China is the inability to do the right thing at times. I've been told many times not to help people because it will only bring trouble to me. I've had a hard time with this. My wife and I have even tried to help at an orphanage here in Shenzhen, but we were denied because we're individuals, not a corporation (I'm still confused by that one).

On Passover, Jews around the world are supposed to retell the story of Exodus and rejoice in their freedom from slavery. But, this is also a time to reflect on the meaning in the modern world--to see the suffering of others and do what we can to help. Most people will watch horrific images on TV and say, "That's terrible," as they return to their meals and live their comfortable lives. Others will see the problem and try to donate money in the hopes of solving the problem. This just isn't enough.

It shouldn't take a holiday for us to consider the suffering of others throughout the world. We should always be grateful for what we have and consider the impact that our lives can have. There are plenty of people who are in dire need to assistance from those of us fortunate enough to have the basic necessities of life.

So, now I'm taking this opportunity to do the right thing and serve humanity. I hope you'll all help as well.

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