Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Little Birthday Ditty

I'm another year older and none the wiser.

My birthday began as usual with work and such. The only problem was that I was told I would have to take part in the recording of a video for the university--on the one day in more than a year that I decided to wear jeans to work. They rewrote the lyrics from the Olympic song "北京欢迎你" (Beijing Welcomes You) to fit with the school. And they expected me to sing.

There's are two problems with the situation: I don't sing and I can't read all the characters for the Chinese they want me to sing. My office never got the memo that I sing worse than a dying cat on morphine. Fortunately, they let me be part of the inaudible background. But I did get to lip-sync like a star in the opening ceremony of the Olympics for the video.


shopgirl shanghai said...

happy birthday

Josh said...

Happy birthday, Matt. Hope it was good.

Sorry about the singing, though. Hate it when they spring stuff like that. How did it go?

CountLubinstein said...

Happy Bday! Looks like I'll be able to celebrate it with you next year