Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween News

On Halloween, Shenzhen Daily picked up a few of my blog posts about my trip to Fujian. They also had some kind introductory words about me. Now I just need to start selling more articles for publication.

After that nice piece of news, Jia and I met up with some friends at Focaccino at Coco Park for a Halloween party. It was a nice deal: 100RMB for men, 50RMB for women, all-you-can-eat snack (including pizza) and plenty of Tsingtao. Not sure if we ate and drank our money's worth, but it was fun. My T-shirt was a hit, but since the beer was free, I didn't make any money. The best costume of the evening belonged to a foreigner dressed as Santa with an AIG undershirt--guess even Santa is having trouble with insurance now.

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