Monday, November 03, 2008

Wake Me When It's Over

Tomorrow after work, I will return home and follow the US Presidential election until there is a clear winner. At such time, I will be sure to go drink a few beers to forget that this election ever happened. It's not that I'm disappointed in the candidates (I hate all politicians equally), I just don't like long, drawn-out elections. This thing should've been over months ago.

Looking at the economy and the price tag for this election year (how many years has it been going on?). While poverty levels and foreclosures are rising, our elected officials are spending billions of dollars on campaigns aimed at people who have mostly made their decisions months ago. It's still hard to believe that two people can spend more than $300 billion on a single election. To put this in perspective, the federal government is spending about $100 billion this year on education.

I urge everyone who is eligible to vote--I don't care who you vote for. But, I do encourage everyone to support election reform for the future because the current process has gotten out of hand. My proposal is simple: shorten the allotted time for campaigning to two months and eliminate all TV and radio ads from the political parties and independent organizations. There should also be weekly debates in the two months prior to the election. This plan will save billions of dollars, cut down on the headaches from stupid advertising, and force politicians to actually work instead of taking a year off for campaigning.


Josh said...

Amen to that. I've actually enjoyed the fact that living here in China has sheltered me from the political nonsense that occurs for the 12 months leading up to the election.

Did the candidates really spend $300 million? That is absolutely ridiculous.

Shea said...

I agree with Josh. A men. except I live in Ky.
probably more than 300 million,

Jenn of the Jungle said...

Heck yeah. This campaigning for 4 years spending billons of dollars crap has GOT TO GO!!!!

Obama spend over 600 million and Mac a little over 300 million.

Matthew said...

Not $300 million, it's $300 BILLION.