Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Menacing Copyright

Last week, Mr. W. gave us some delicious dried yak he brought back from his trip to Tibet. I was enjoying eating it when I took a closer look at the package. Was that Dennis the Menace in the top left corner? Were they using an American icon as their logo?

Yes, it appears that a little dried yak company from Tibet is infringing on the copyright of our dear friend Dennis the Menace, who is not in the public domain yet. Does Dennis really help sell dried yak in China? Does anyone in China know who he is or is he just another foreign kid to them?

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JA Huber said...

It'd be a strange partnership if Dennis the Menace was helping advance the sale of dried yak but suppose it's in the line of American celebs promoting odd products in other countries - but dried yak is pretty odd.