Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cruising Flak

Royal Caribbean is facing a lot of criticism for its decision to dock its ships at a beach resort in northern Haiti. Some passengers and others don't think this is the time for vacationers to stop in a country that has been devastated by natural disaster.

Royal Caribbean is sending supplies with its ships to help people in the earthquake-affected area. The cruise line also is allowing passengers off the ship for the day to enjoy the beach and spend money, which it hopes will improve the local economy. The CEO wrote on the company's website: "[B]eing on the island and generating economic activity for the straw market vendors, the hair-braiders and our 230 employees helps with relief while being somewhere else does not help."

While critics are overly sensitive to the situation, the cruise line is embracing an approach that is more helpful than just sending money and supplies. Considering Haiti's economic situation before the earthquake, continuation of any business in the country is necessary for its recovery.

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