Monday, January 04, 2010

Security Breach

Yesterday's story about the security breach at Newark Airport reminded me of a flight to Bangkok. On my second trip to Thailand with my parents, we flew on Air Asia from Kuala Lumpur. Someone made a mistake when we arrived, however. Everyone got off the plan and started walking toward the luggage claim, but it looked different than the last time I was there--I thought it was just because the airport was new on my first trip and they changed some things around. Just before we reached the luggage claim, we began wondering where customs was--we never saw a sign for it. As we looked around for our flight's baggage claim, which didn't exist in this area, someone from the airline came up to us and asked what flight we were on. We were then led back to the plane.

It turns out that the plane pulled up to a domestic gate. We had to get back on the plane and taxi around the airport to the international gates so we could pass through customs. Security in Bangkok didn't seem to care, and I can only assume that everyone got back on the plane.

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