Friday, January 22, 2010

She's Not as Popular as Bill

Hillary Clinton hurt the feelings of the Chinese with her public speech about Internet freedom, which was seen as overt political support for Google in China. This comes only a day after the Chinese government claimed that Google's move had no political connection to the US government.

Ma Zhaoxu, an official government spokesman, refuted Clinton's argument by stating, "[Clinton] insinuated China restricts Internet freedom....We are firmly against the words and deeds contrary to the facts."

There you have it folks, more proof that the Chinese government does not restrict Internet freedom and the Great Firewall of China is just a myth created by imperialist Western powers. Just don't tell that to the residents of Xinjiang province who have been without an open Internet connection since July. But they can access four Chinese Web sites now (more detailed information can be found at Far West China).

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