Saturday, December 09, 2006

Careful what you wish for

Yup, sure learned my lesson this week.
Two weeks ago I was reprimanded for a laundry list of complaints stemming from my dissatisfaction with administration and the ways in which they handle matters of education. I mentioned at the end of my probationary evaluation that I would be happier back teaching similar classes as last year. I was told this would probably not be possible. So, I went back to my teaching ways and was doing a bit better with my classes and avoiding administrative confrontations.
Friday rolled around and I had another meeting that was scheduled less than a day in advance. I was told that no, it was not possible to switch me back to my previous duties. But instead I would be placed in the oral English section for the rest of the term. "But I don't want that. I'd be happier where I am," was my response. Sorry, too late. Well, now I have fewer classes and I'm finished at noon everyday. As much as I don't want to teach oral English classes everyday, I think it may provide me with more time to write. And my lack of serious writing since September had been my sore spot and reason for lack of enthusiasm and happiness. I suppose if this new situation works out and write more, I may be persuaded into finishing my contract through July.
On another note to the situation, I was again the last to hear about this. My Chinese co-workers all knew about this at least five hours prior to my notice. Communication between Chinese employers and foreign staff is usually pretty bad all around (not just at my job). But for some reason I have always been the last to know, even out of the foreign teachers.

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