Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm a giant

I had the adventure of finding a new cool weather jacket for the mild Shenzhen winter. Last May holiday I forgot my fleece on the bus home. So, I went to downtown Bao'an for a look. We first stopped at the Rainbow department store across from Commie-Mart. They have a huge floor of men's clothes and a half-decent selection. The only problem is, nothing fits. I'm not a big guy... 5'9" and certainly not fat. Back home I usually bought medium-sized clothes. Yesterday was a different story. I had to try on jackets that were size XXXL. AND THEY DIDN'T FIT!
By some miracle, I found exactly what I was looking for (a new fleece) in Commie-Mart for about US$8. I was quite happy. To top it off, as we were walking through the store, a kid who was about 10 years old looked up at me and turned to his parents and said something in Chinese. I found out that he apparently said, "Hey, that guy is from Thailand." I really think the kid needs glasses.

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