Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Stupid Yahoo

I hate the new yahoo photos. I've been using their system for a couple years now and they just redesigned it to look flashier and more user friendly. The problem is that it is now slower because of all the new junk that has to load. To top that off, the last two times I have tried to upload photos, not all the photos upload on the first try AND I get duplicates of the ones that do upload. I don't mean that I get two of every photo--in some cases I have only seen one copy and others I have three. The ironic part is, whenever you select an option for the photos it gives a message that says, "Please wait whilst our hamsters process your request." I really wouldn't be surprised if hamsters were running their stupid company. This is yet another reason why Google is killing them.
I really would like to move my photos to somewhere else, but I have more than 650 to move.


laura said...

Google is winning. That's why I have Picasa and use their online albums. Picasa will move all your photos for you. It will find them all on your hardrive(s) and organize them. If you can download it, that is.
p.s. We miss you. I'm working on winning the lotto so we can all live w/o having to work and so that we can hire you an immigration lawyer/bribe someone in the visa dept.

Stuart said...

I've had no complaints with Flickr, even though it is part of Yahoo. Is it Flickr that you're having a problem with?

Everyday Critic said...

No, not Flickr. Just the basic Yahoo photos. Unless they changed all that on me without me noticing. Maybe I would be better off using Picasa... I'll try downloading it when all this earthquake-induced internet trouble gets fixed.