Monday, December 18, 2006

Thursday I was told that all my classes for the following week would be cancelled. I was also told that I would have some project to do for the school in lieu of teaching. This morning, I was e-mailed a small project that required the use of my Internet connection at home (the school's Internet and computers are slow, inefficient, and rarely working). I worked on the project all morning (from about 7, when I awoke, until after noon). After lunch, I received a message from a colleague asking why I didn't show up to class this morning. I was a little perplexed and asked what he was talking about. Apparently, the oral English classes had class without me. My boss won't be in until 3 this afternoon, so I suppose I'll ask him about it then.
Stay tuned for updates on bureaucracy in Chinese schools.

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Anonymous said...

I guess your boss didn't get mad at you, if I'm right. So what
happened to you if I'm wrong?