Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the source

I think I might've found the source of my problems for the term. As you know, I haven't been to happy with my job so far, and this is my second year at the same school.
Tuesday night was when I made the discovery. Most of the foreign staff works late afternoon to early evening. I work mornings. Well, they got off early at 6pm. We went to the See You Tomorrow restaurant. I had a great time with my fellow teachers and forgot any problems I had--I don't think I even mentioned anything about my job this year.
That's what's been bothering me. I haven't had the opportunity to socialize with my colleagues and blow off steam every now and then. This has led me to blow off steam in the classroom and office and forced me to agitate my Chinese co-workers. Last year I was able to have dinner with the other teachers about twice a week. There was even the opportunity for lunches. But no more of that.
I suppose now with the oral English classes I'll have enough time to vent through writing that the problem might get solved in a new fashion. Here's hoping.

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