Wednesday, February 28, 2007


It seems I just don't have luck when travelling around the world. I never seem to see what I really want. Each time I find a great historic site or just a place of interest, it's sure to be beneath a shroud of scaffolding and laborers.

It happened just the same as it did when I went around China with my parents over the summer. Everything was either closed or being repaired. It disrupted any photos I attempted to take. I got to see a picture of the Palace inside the Forbidden City--it was painted on the fabric encompassing the scaffolding.

This time around, it was Thailands turn to ruin my photographic experience. When entering the Grand Palace, the first thing Jia and I noticed was that many painters were working on repairing the murals. I wouldn't have minded if that was all that I was going on, but there were a great number of Wats that were also being reconstructed.

It didn't end in Bangkok. It was all over Chiang Mai as well. As we took a ride up Doi Suthep, we encountered the wonders of paving dirt roads that lead to campgrounds.

Entrances blocked, all traffic through one door. It never ends in my travels. I'd see wonderful sights if it wasn't for all the damn scaffolding.

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