Thursday, March 01, 2007


It seems that lately I've had many more options as to how to make a living in China. Everything seems to be going quite well and I'm happy with results so far. I have been offered some small writing gigs to keep me busy as well as some teaching jobs that I'm still not sure that I really want.

The downside of the options is that none are volunteer opportunities--not much out there to help the public in this immense city. The other problem I'm having is getting a domain for a Web site. Everything looks a little off. On one domain purchasing and hosting site, they say they match up the IP address with the contact/billing address. This leads to the problem that my IP is in China while my address is in the US. I was told to try using Wordpress, but the Great Firewall of China apparently has it blocked. Maybe I'll figure something out soon.

And if you have any suggestions, pass them along.


Micah said...

So you already have hosting, and you just want a domain name? What do you mean your IP is in China? Are you going to be serving the website off of your home computer? Or do you have a Chinese host?

JA Huber said...

Not sure if it's a solution, but could you have your parents or someone else in the States set-up the URL for you? BTW - I'm enjoying catching up on your articles.