Wednesday, May 16, 2007

After Monday's problem at work--I actually forgot to eat dinner as I was talking with students and planning classes--I decided I better forage for food during my long dinner break on Tuesday. I passed by the foul-smelling river toward the shopping center that I figured would provide me with some sort of edible substance. I discovered that the bread shop and the noodle shop were now closed--there went my hopes of a super-cheap meal that would taste pretty good. I looked up and saw the sign of hope--Kung-fu. Yes, after more than a year and a half in Shenzhen, I made the journey to the fast food joint that bears the image of Bruce Lee. In a hurry, I purchased some chicken and noodle soup (not like mom used to make). It was a decent meal for 6 kuai.

On the way out, down the escalator, I found a rather amusing sign. "Please watch you head," read the sign protruding from the wall. I looked about. There was nothing except for the sign that I could possible hit my head on. The ceiling was at least 20 feet above my head. What was I supposed watch my head for? Was it going to pop off unexpectedly?

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