Sunday, May 06, 2007

Wedding Photos

Jia and I finished taking our wedding photos yesterday. We had to do it in two days because it rained the first day, so we could only take our studio photos. Yesterday was a beautiful day to go to the local park. I was in a good mood, even if the Devils lost, and ready to take my photos in the one borrowed suit that didn't make me look like a clown.

What I didn't count on, was all the Chinese onlookers. I really didn't mind the curiosity--I'm used to that. What I did mind was all the Chinese taking their own photos of Jia and me without our permission. Just because I'm a foreigner in a park does not mean I want my picture taken by strangers. All Chinese know that wedding photos aren't cheap and that you have to pay extra for extra photos--so why do they think it's ok to take their own photos of another couple? I yelled at plenty of them (I told one in Chinese to give me 50 kuai). There was also the amusing young group of morons mimicking the photographer and telling me where to look. It was amusing until they said, "Hey, laowai, look over here!" That's when I flipped them off. From now on, any Chinese who want to take my photo must pay. I can't wait to move out of Bao'an and away from these ignorant and rude idiots--these people give the rest of polite society in China a bad name.

After yelling loudly at a large group trying to take our photo, they mostly left us alone as we moved about the park for scenic shots. The photographers weren't too happy about those idiots either. We managed to smile through it all and we hope the pictures came out alright--we'll check them out later today.


peter said...

Ha ha... I would have done the same exactly.

Anonymous said...

You could try to do what my three year old son does in the face of many Chinese cameras and phones pointed at him. He starts roaring at them.

Matthew said...

Haha, roaring at them could be really funny.
I'm just happy that I'll be moving out of the slums of Shenzhen and into a, hopefully, more civilized section of the city that doesn't treat foreigners like circus freaks.

Anonymous said...

Certainly you don't mean Shekou. They come armed with cameras specifically because they will see foreigners.