Wednesday, May 16, 2007

European Vacation? Wish I Could Go

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Planning a vacation to Europe this summer? I know I wish I could. Well, if you're not in my situation of staying in China, you can use to make your hotel reservations in some major tourist destinations (yeah, I know, it rhymes).

The site is very easy to navigate--there really is very little showy HTML involved there. It's probably why they claim to have such low prices on hotels (and they have a large listing). However, their choice of cities is limited to Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Prague, Dublin, and New York City. So, they have one place for you American domestic travelers too. I'd recommend some places to stay, but I've never had to get a hotel in NYC and all the places I stayed in Europe were pretty cheap. offers some insight into its destinations as well. Check out their description of the Red Light District in Amsterdam (does anyone really go there for the history?). They also have some travel articles written by staff to help you plan your vacation--they even allow users to add their own articles for inclusion. Their terms and conditions and policies seem fairly standard for hotel reservations. So, you can check them out and compare prices before you book your next trip.

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