Monday, May 14, 2007

A mixture of things

I have various things to blog about today.
As some of you may have noticed, I do have some paid posts on here (ok, two really). Today I received two more assignments to write, but one of them was a repeat of the same site I already wrote about but for more money. I guess I can't do that one since it'd be dishonest. And the other one just does interest me and would probably be of little interst to my readers.

In other news, work is going fairly well. Although my schedule of full-time teaching and tutoring is becoming a bit much. Plus I've been approached a few times with offers of more tutoring--I just don't have enough time and energy to do it. I don't particularly enjoy creating schedules that work around other schedules. I really like spending my free time at home writing and reading (and attempting to learn more Chinese, which hasn't been going well).

I've been a bit busy planning my summer vacation--the family is visiting in July and we need to find where to go. But some of the travel has to be cut short to accomodate my brother's short vacation schedule (there's that word again). We're looking at either stopping for a few days in Kunming or Shanghai at this point.

And what a coincidence, after I got off work last night and went out to recharge my phone credit. I was surprised to see P., a fellow Tsinghua Experimental School in Shenzhen firee (read: happy), wandering about the neighborhood with some of his visiting friends. He traveled out dirty Bao'an to get super-cheap dumplings on their way out to the clubs. I'm sure it would've cost as much buying more expensive dumplings near his apartment and saving money on the cab fare.

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