Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Trip to the Beach

Work decided to kick off the May holiday with a trip to the beach at Dameisha on Monday for all the staff and students. There were only four students that I know who came along--although I think there were a few lower-level students in attendance. It wasn't a great day for the beach with the cool day and grey skies.

Dameisha is definitely unimpressive. The beach at NanAo was much nicer last summer. This one is just too crowded and the water is definitely not all that clean. It looks as though Shenzhen is turning this one into a resort for domestic tourists--there are a few hotels on the beach, including a beautifully designed Sheraton. On a nice day, this could be a scenic spot with lush mountains surrounding the beach. Just try not to stare out to sea at the cargo ships coming in.

At the center of Dameisha are some large, colorful statues of winged people dancing. Nearby there is also a wishing tower (I doubt there is a long history of wishing from the modern tower that's probably been there for two or three years).

It was nothing exciting for a day out, but it did get me out of Bao'an. The water was too cold for swimming and the town area doesn't have anything of interest. It was a decent day for people watching--it's always fun to see the Chinese in their work suits on a beach. We had a BBQ alongside quite a few factory workers on a day out from work--it's probably not a healthy way to cook over a coal fire.

There was also this bit of Chinglish genius.

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