Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Economic Wonders

From the Shanghai Daily comes the tale of a woman who drove a car off a cliff, killing her and injuring five others. And the reason was oddly connected to the economy.

It seems the young woman was one of five mistresses to a married businessman. Due to the economic climate, he was forced to lay off these expensive ladies, but decided he could at least afford to keep one. This brought about a contest to see who was the best mistress (not too many details as to what this contest involved, though appearance and drinking skills were up there).

This whole ordeal should serve as a lesson to everyone to avoid getting in the car with the loser of a best mistress contest behind the wheel.

UPDATE: The original article was found to be fabricated and plagiarized. Supposedly, a similar incident occurred elsewhere in China and a lazy reporter changed the location and details.


Joel said...

It looks like that businessman should have taken the “三“ in 第三者 more seriously and only taken on as many mistresses as he could actually afford. Interesting bit of news.

Edna said...

They've proven this story to be a fabrication now! Which is a bit of a shame journalistically, but at least no one actually died.

Carolyn Cahn said...

This sounds like a plot for a really bad reality tv series. And usually, when I find it bad, it bloody sells.

Matthew said...

Maybe we should pitch the idea to some network execs in the US. They always listen to stupid ideas for reality TV.