Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feelin' Fishy

Last night Jia and I headed out for Valentine's dinner. We figured we could find something at Coastal City (海岸城) and the surrounding area (and if all else failed, we could walk over to Seattle Cafe behind the Holiday Inn Donghua). Giving Jia the choice of restaurants, she decided we should have Japanese. There are three sushi restaurants and one Japanese noodle restaurant on the food street in the middle of Coastal City--we settled on the one in the back, Sushifu Sushi, as it appeared to be the least crowded.

I knew this was a good restaurant because some friends have been there before. It was less crowded than the others because it was further from the entrance and slightly hidden around a corner. We only had to wait about 15 minutes for a seat. 

We went all out on ordering (though we skipped the sake)--the medium sushi platter, the small set meal, and a bowl of spicy seafood noodle soup (which for some reason also had meat). Most of the sushi was really good--the salmon was better than most places I've tried around Shenzhen. There was the piece that tasted like a rubber fish, and I'm not a big fan of the fruit-filled dessert roll. The set included a large bowl of salmon fried rice (excellent), a salmon hand roll, tuna sushi, and a grilled fish for 68 RMB. The seafood noodle soup was nothing special, but it would make a good lunch for the price.

It wasn't the quiet dinner out we were hoping for, but we would have never found a place like that last night in our area. Sushifu would definitely be a better restaurant for a larger group to share in the variety.

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