Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Morning

I woke up bright and early (OK, it wasn't bright at 6am) to catch the Super Bowl. I figured I'd watch most of the first half online and then head to Shekou to meet a friend at a bar for the rest. 

I went to the site I used for the Rose Bowl last month since it was a success (the broadcast, not the game that I'm still grumbling about). To my horror, the Web address was being re-routed to a .cn domain, which means the channels I potentially want to watch are censored. With that I checked the good ol' TV, which had ESPN (I had no idea I got that). As it was prior to the game, they were showing women's billiards. 

Off I went to Shekou. I arrived just in time for kick-off. Unfortunately, they had the British feed of ESPN--it lacked the most important part of any Super Bowl: the commercials. But, it was still nice to talk with my friend, and the game turned into a good one by the fourth quarter.

In other news, stupidity runs rampant in Fujian province. That should've been the headline. It seems a group of brain-dead baijiu swillers decided to celebrate a friend's birthday by setting off fireworks from their table in a bar. At least seven of said morons are still alive and in police custody. But, 17 people did die in the resulting blaze.

And closer to home, authorities are asking people to not send up balloons or sky laterns near the airport as it could cause a plane to crash. People think that the authorities are exaggerating. Vendors near the airport see nothing wrong with selling these products to people who have no concern for safety.

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stuart said...

The lack of 'feckin obvious' safety sense in China has been a source of bewilderment to me from the day I arrived.

One can only shake the head after reading stories like the one from Fujian.