Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Significant Differences

Every time I look at the differences between China and the US, I realize that there really aren't any. While we all derided the behavior of Sanlu and other dairy companies for killing babies with Melamine-tainted milk powder we were also criticizing the Chinese government for not doing its job to ensure the safety of its people. Everyone, Chinese citizens included, was rightfully outraged.

Now, the same thing is happening in the US. Nine people are dead and 600 are ill with salmonella because a greedy bastard at a peanut factory didn't give a damn about the public and his responsibility as an executive. He has pleaded the fifth during Congressional hearings, thus implying his own guilt.

We should thank Stewart Parnell for showing the world that the US is no better than China when it comes to food safety. Now Parnell can take his place along with the Sanlu executives. Maybe the US should consider throwing him in a Chinese prison with those assholes.


JA Huber said...

It's amazing what we take for granted, like safe food. The issue here in Florida now is poisonous drywall from China now in homes.

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Bill said...

Didn't you say someone pleaded the fifth ? Can you do that in China ? Isn't that a difference ?

Public health problems occur everywhere, US included. The difference is in how the people, and the government reacts to such problems, not whether these problems occur.