Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last Taste of New Food

Because Mr. W. couldn't make it to our big going-away dinner at the Xinjiang restaurant for a whole roast lamb, he took us out last night. Jia suggested we try a Mongolian restaurant near the Penninsula off Houhai in Shekou.

The decoration of the restaurant was colorful and inviting, with a large bust of Ghengis Khan at the entrance and various Mongolian items hanging on the walls. The menu was huge--it took a good fifteen minutes or so to order--and had a nice variety of meat and vegetable dishes. There were quite a few dishes I would've liked to try, but Jia insisted that we not because they were deep fried. We did end up with some stir-fried cabbage with peppers, beef with peppers, lamb ribs, wasabi peppers and cow(?) stomach, and lamb baozi (which were so good we ordered seconds).

They also had entertainment, which was nice but typically loud for China. During the singing, we had to shout to hear each other. The prices were reasonable (average of 30 kuai for most dishes). If we weren't leaving soon, we'd definitely go back. J. is already planning a trip back.


JA Huber said...

Sounds like another tasty dinner. Think you'll miss the food? What's the first American dish you'll have when you return to the U.S.?

Matthew said...

I'm looking forward to a pastrami on rye and some bagels when I get back to NJ. But I know I'll miss the Chinese food in about a month.