Monday, March 23, 2009

Things I'll Miss About Shenzhen (3)

I've been looking into cell phones in New Jersey. I'm now wondering how Americans can put up with the service here--it's expensive and reception isn't all that good. I can't even use a cell phone in my neighborhood because we get zero reception here.

I had students at the university who complained about the high price of cellular service. I laughed at them. I knew it was cheaper in China, but I didn't realize just how good I had it then.

I don't think I ever went anywhere that didn't have decent reception--even when hiking through Jiuzhaigou or the Fujian countryside. And I had all of that for about 50 kuai every six weeks (I didn't use my phone all that much). With that plan I got more than enough text messages, free incoming calls, and could call the US for about 6 cents a minute.

Here in the good ol' USA I can get a phone for $40 a month with no text messages and only 400 minutes of phone calls. And I can't make international phone calls, unless I pay some ridiculous extra monthly fee.

I'm going to see how long I can last without a cell phone.


Puerhan said...

Perhaps that means you're exposed to less cell phone radiation now! :-)

CountLubinstein said...

You should consider a pay as you go phone. You don't call anyone much anyway. You could buy a phone for $30 for these plans. I think Boost even works in your neighborhood.