Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Odd Discoveries

I'm still searching around for odd things around my neighborhood before moving back to New Jersey. I know I probably won't find a lot of this stuff when I leave China.

The first one is a bag of Four Seas terriyaki eel rice sticks. The flavor wasn't too bad, but the texture resembled a soft cheese curl...without the cheese flavor. Note to producer: please make this snack crunchier.

The second one was of the pirated DVD variety. One of the vendors had a copy of The Erotic Adventures of Pinnochio. It's not uncommon to find pornography in a country that bans it. The illegal DVD vendor was just down the street from the prostitute shop and sex toy shop. The most amusing part of the DVD was the cover--it had a picture of Pinnochio next to suggestive picture of Brittany Spears from an issue of Rolling Stone. I'm sorry to say, there won't be a review of this film as I didn't purchase it (my friend did, I'll ask him to write a review).


kellen said...

If i had a jiao for each time i wished something in china were crunchier, i could afford to just buy the imported crunchy stuff.

CountLubinstein said...

Was this dvd a cartoon or live action?