Sunday, March 01, 2009

Things I'll Miss About Shenzhen (1)

With two weeks remaining on time in Shenzhen, Jia have places to go and people to see. Last night we took a trip out to Bao'an district to Face Alive to say goodbye to Mr. Tian, the owner. He insisted we make the trip outside the Special Economic Zone one last time. We haven't been there much since moving out of the district. It was an easy decision to make as he's been very generous over the last few years--we've rarely paid for drinks the past few times there.

We invited some friends who've never been there before as well as some older friends whom we haven't seen much lately. Mr. Tian invited us to sit out back where it was much quieter than inside the bar (the music is so loud you have to scream just to have a conversation that might be audible). He greeted us a bottle of Macallan 1985 private reserve--a nice single malt scotch that they don't serve at the bar. Mr. Tian had gone out to buy this just for us. It was a very nice send off.

Fortunately, Mr. Tian travels to the US every now and then to visit relatives. We told him he must let us know next time he's there so we can try to meet him.

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Stuart said...

I really hate to say this, but are you sure you want to come back to the States right now? I mean, it seriously sucks here at the moment. Right now, where I live in California, the unemployment rate is 10 percent, the highest in the nation I believe. The state also has one of the worst economies in the nation. And our illustrious leaders don't seem to be doing much to change the situation. It seems like there's just one big collective attitude of "wow, that sucks" and that's it. Anyway, good luck to you, and I mean that.