Thursday, June 22, 2006

Long Time Gone

Sorry folks. I just haven't been able to keep this blog going. It's not that it hasn't been fun or anything. It's that the Chinese censors won't allow me to view my finished product. Which also means I cannot view any comments left by visitors.
So, for now, I'm departing this blog. I have many other spaces online that you can view. You can find me at (I'm on there somewhere). And you can join that site too... it's actually a pretty nice site.
And for some reason, I joined another site that has promised to give me a few dollars for my writing that I don't care to publish in any reputable places... you can see some more stuff there at:
Anyway, I'm staying in China for another year at least. Sticking with the same school. And perhaps when I obtain Internet access in my apartment, I will find a way to fix all my technical difficulties with the blog (as well as other sites).