Friday, April 13, 2007

Booking Travels

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Do you need Hotel Reservations? If you’re planning a vacation, holiday, or business trip, give a try. Their Web site offers a variety of deals for travelers to numerous destinations worldwide.

You can book more than just hotels from the site—flights, car rentals, vacation rentals and packages—and the prices are on par with other major travel-booking sites.

I checked on summer flights from Hong Kong to New York’s JFK airport to find approximately the same price I had seen on Expedia (about $1400 for a round-trip economy seat). It appears as though their focus is on North America and Europe, which makes sense considering the number of travelers from the two continents.

On flight search pages, they offer a link in the top right of the screen for destination guides. The guides offer quite a bit of information on cities. The Beijing guide is quite interesting with the overview focusing on the modernity and demolition of hutong neighborhoods. offers mostly high-end hotels in China. As for Asian airports, Shenzhen was not recognized by the system for flights, however, Guangzhou was recognized. The flights within China were slightly more expensive for the upcoming May holiday than my usual Chinese travel site.

The site is fairly easy to navigate, even from the almost cluttered homepage. They offer how-to guides and FAQ on every aspect of the site to ensure effective browsing and booking. You can also switch languages to Spanish if you so desire.

For those weary of online booking, they offer 24-hour telephone service for users worldwide. The phone service can be used for booking as well as travel inquiries.

From now until May 31, the offers a mail-in rebate worth up to $100 on a 12-night hotel reservation. You can also receive $20 on any three-night reservations. Check the site for further details regarding this offer.

For more information, visit their web site: Hotel Reservations.

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