Sunday, April 08, 2007

Yesterday I went wandering with a friend around downtown. We decided we wanted to find what was in the area (restaurants, stores, etc.). We came across a couple small Japanese restaurants with little sake bar areas--we'll check those out next weekend and I'll be sure to write about them here. We found a run-down arcade with some fairly old games--it was dark, dusty, and we got some uncomfortable stares as we walked in. There was also what appears to be a small temple (a building more than 25-years-old in Shenzhen??)--we'll go back there as well to see if it's open and/or interesting. So, we've found some new adventures around here. Next weekend we'll explore a bit more to see what's worthwhile. We're planning on slumming about at some point because we're getting tired of the same bar, even if we are treated exceptionally well when we go.

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