Wednesday, April 25, 2007


What's that you say? You can't find a different tasting beer in China? Well, that's not entirely true. On my way home tonight, I stopped off at the 24-hour store for a beer. I figured I'd get my usual Tsingtao, but something else caught my eye--it was a beer I hadn't seen before.

I picked up a bottle of Anchor for a change of pace--it was only 4 kuai, how bad could it be? I was pleasantly surprised. It did have a slightly different taste from that of Tsingtao, Kingway, Snow, and the rest. It was a little bitter, which I like. But it was still a lager, which I'm bored of. Still it's different enough for me to purchase again in the future. At least I can have it more often if I'm too lazy to walk down to Ren Ren Le to buy another Blue Diamond Stout (not really a stout) for 5 kuai or take the bus to the Xinjiang restaurant for a black beer for 10.

If I read the label correctly (it's all in Chinese), I think Anchor is brewed in Haikou, Hainan province by Asia Pacific Breweries.


tom said...

Anchor Steam Beer is from Canada, never heard of Anchor before.

Matthew said...

I wish it was Anchor Steam... that was some fine beer.