Sunday, April 15, 2007

Walk in the Park

Yesterday, we decided to walk through ZhongShan Park near the Nantou special economic zone border checkpoint. This park is supposedly dedicated to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. As we walked through the fake rock formations at the entrance to the park, we could see the monument with his head on it--there were plenty of people taking photos there.

The park was unimpressive and crowded. I didn't even take any photos inside. The most interesting part of the walk through was seeing all the people flying kites on a nice day in Shenzhen.

There is almost nothing natural about ZhongShan--all the trees are trimmed and purposely planted. We passed by at least four places at which people were poorly singing karaoke (two of them were across the path from each other). There's also a small amusement park containing mostly rides that you can find at a state fair in the U.S. But they do have bumper cars (which I think is the Bao'an driving school).

Disappointed on the way out, we found the old city. There were a few buildings leftover from the times before reforms of Deng Xiaoping. There were two neighboring structures that were (as I was told) a pawn shop and a cigarette shop. The only one that was open was the temple--not a Buddhist temple, but rather a temple to one of the characters of Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the name of Guan Gong.

The funniest sight in the old city was a claw machine filled with cigarettes.

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