Saturday, April 21, 2007


Friday was great fun here in Shenzhen. A group of us started at the Xinjiang restaurant for lamb and black beer. It's always a good meal there. From there we set out to the bowling alley--on the sixth floor. We drank our beers, cracked jokes, and bowled some decent games for people who don't usually go bowling. It's quite an experience in China--just looking around at their version of the alley. This was the cleanest bowling alley I've ever seen--it was spotless. There was even a sound-proof private room for the groups that don't want to hang around with others. They also had championship-size pool tables. The only unnerving part of the evening was watching the Chinese bowl--not a single one of them was drinking or smoking. I'm used to walking into an alley and getting hit with the odors of stale beer and cigarettes.

It was Jia's first time out bowling. In her first game she got 104. We were all impressed. She didn't do as well in the second, but it was still respectable.

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