Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Business Plan

Or maybe it's just another ploy to avoid talking to some people.

My wife had a custom shirt made for me as a one-year anniversary gift. The idea of this evolved out of many conversations with J. Some of my co-workers thought it was funny and suggested that I have more made so I can wear it every day. Who knows, maybe it'll be profitable.

The front says: Say hello to me 5 yuan, shake hands with me 10 yuan, take my picture 25 yuan, and have a conversation with me for a lot of Tsingtao.
I especially like the back--it has some poor grammar. Jia claims she wrote it properly and blames the whoever made the shirt for the error. It would be better if it was also in Chinese.


Anonymous said...

Love your t-shirt! I want one as well! I would just change the Tsingtao for Yanjing... let's face it every foreigner is believed to drink Tsintao... if you're local you drink Yanjing!

CountLubinstein said...

Have you turned a profit yet?

joey said...

haha, you're t-shirt is just hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Very cool shirt :-)

Should have worn that one last summer. I would have earned roughly 100kuai last summer.

Anonymous said...

Do Í have to say anything else.

Ltez go :-)

Matthew said...

Serge, we don't have any Yanjing beer in Shenzhen.

Mike, no profit yet. Some people look scared to talk to me now.

Peter, should I have one waiting for your next trip to China?

Anonymous said...

Matt: That would be the bomb, but as it looks right now that may be way out in the future. Do you take orders from outside China? ;-)

Next big thing will be my in-laws coming here, and that's all our economy can handle for 2 years :-(

Also next time we go to China, it won't be Shenzhen, but Shanghai in hunt for new experiences, even though I have a strange connection to Shenzhen after my first trip to China was exactly there. If we cross Shenzhen, make sure you get one ready for me :-)

Ps.: A cold beer too!

Unknown said...

Good blogs of the New Business Plan.

as it looks right now that may be way out in the future.