Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dangers of Flaunting Wealth

Shenzhen is living up to its title as the most dangerous city in China. Recently, there have been reports of kidnappings around the city, some of which have ended with the victims murdered. The targets of the kidnappings are children of the wealthy.

In late October, a sixth grader was kidnapped and a ransom of half a million US dollars was paid. But the boy was killed and there's no word on if the kidnappers were arrested. There have been a few other kidnappings over the past few months, but the situation hasn't even come close to epidemic levels. However, the Public Security Bureau and parents are taking notice and trying to keep the children safe.

Unfortunately, the children of wealthy Shenzhen residents are easy targets. There are plenty of expensive private schools throughout the city and very little supervision between the school gates and home. It is generally the younger students whose parents or grandparents pick them up from school--this practice usually stops around fifth grade (the age of most of the kidnapping victims). These students are also at the age when they understand their parents' wealth and openly talk about it.

There's a great post over at China Hush with some translated reactions of the situation.

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Yokie Kuma said...

It's not really that surprising. The whole country knows how wealthy Shenzhen is .... and remember all those layoffs earlier in the year have left a lot of questionable types without incomes .... heck, they may even feel justified as they list their job so some rich factory owner could keep his cash ....

and did you see the article about the police officer dying while drinking at his boss trying to get him martyr status (because he died on the job) ..... here in Shenzhen also