Sunday, March 02, 2008

America (Hits & Misses)

There were a great many wonderful things about going back to the states for Spring Festival this year. Of course, the most obvious of those things was seeing my family and friends (aside from my parents, brother, and one uncle, I haven't seen anyone in at least two and a half years--some much longer).

Things that really were wonderful on the trip:
1. On every flight (four in all) we had one empty seat between us, which made it easier to sleep. I'd like to thank Continental for somehow managing those seating arrangements as well as miraculously arriving in Newark an hour early.

2. I added to my computer's music collection. Thinking that I'd be home every year, I didn't overload my hard drive with tons of music back in 2005. I'm quite happy to have Social Distortion, Misfits, Beck, Alice in Chains, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, The Ramones, and Stevie Ray Vaughan on my playlist now.

3. I always enjoy visiting the Museum of Modern Art in New York with my aunt. We didn't have enough time there though. There were also the many other sites in lower Manhattan.

4. A second wedding party in English. It was the one chance I had to see some of my friends as well. The food was amazing too.

5. Jia's comment about fat people in America. She later revised it to add Lay-Z-Boy chairs.

6. TM Ward's in Newark is still the best coffee I've ever had. I brought a pound of espresso back with me. I really wanted to try the Judge Alito's Bold Justice blend.

Things that didn't quite work out:
1. I didn't go see a Devils game at the new arena in Newark. They played a lot of home games while we were there. It's walking distance from my old office. If I had stayed there, I would spend my entire paycheck on season tickets.

2. While I did add plenty of music to my computer, I didn't add everything I wanted. I might have to break down a buy a CD in China.

3. The sleet and rain in Washington, DC, sucked beyond belief. A walk from Capitol Hill to Lincoln Memorial to Jefferson Memorial to Smithsonian metro was brutal in that weather. But everything was empty.

4. Being reminded that I have to vote in November. I need to somehow procure an absentee ballot. I'm not sure which state I get to vote in though. My license is still from Colorado but my mailing address is my parents' house in New Jersey. I guess there must be something at the consulate in Guangzhou that could help me sort it out.

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