Monday, March 10, 2008

Scene on the Streets

Saturday, I came across this sign in Shekou.

It appears that the government hastily erected a blue metal fence around half a block. The area appeared to contain 18 businesses and at least one small apartment building that looked gutted. The sign reads, "Blood accuses the government of being heartless. Return my shop. Return my investment. Return my justice." That is the best translation I can make of it, but if you can offer a better one, go ahead.

Also in the news, there has been quite a lot of talk about terrorism in China. The blogs of China are buzzing with bits of information from the newspapers in the country. Unfortunately, there are no details about any of the incidents that have occurred recently. All of them involve Uyghur (or Uighur) "separatists" from Xinjiang province. Some details or rumors that have spread around, particularly about the plane incident, sound a bit far fetched. Since it has been blogged to death, I'll give you some links to the nice posts at Shanghaiist, Mutant Palm, and The Opposite End of China.


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