Monday, March 31, 2008

Didn't Change for an Hour

Apparently last night was Earth Hour (Yahoo article). The concept is to show that you care about the environment by shutting off the electricity for at least an hour. In the grand scheme of things this doesn't do a whole lot, but it's a nice thought.

However, last night in Shenzhen was just another night. The florescent and neon lights of the city of 15 million or so were still bright. No one took notice. I can say that I probably helped save a little energy by not being home for most of the night (about five hours outside) while out to an extended dinner with friends. We're also doing our part by resisting the temptation to turn on the air conditioner until the temperature hits "unbearable." We figure it'll probably get that hot in a few more weeks.
There was also no mention of China's participation in this global environmental event. No word from Beijing, Shanghai, or even Hong Kong. I must say, I am surprised that Hong Kong didn't take part, but I can't find any confirmation.

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