Friday, March 07, 2008

China's Movie Standards

Supposedly there is some censorship in the Chinese film industry (and I'm sure you're surprised by this statement). The government wants to protect its citizens by sanitizing any foreign-made (or Hong Kong-made) movies that may happen to enter this country. It's mostly that they don't want anyone seeing pornography. I find this last point amusing as I have walked passed at least one small theater in my old district of Bao'an that apparently screened such material (one movie's title was simply "One Night Stand").

Now, China wants to "completely standardize" it's film industry. Apparently this is necessary for the government agency to begin rating the movies so that people can choose what is appropriate to watch. Of course, if the people don't want to see the sanitized versions, they can always buy bootlegs on every street corner for 75 cents.

For more evidence, you should check out Imagethief's recent post.

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