Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Go Honk Yourself

According to today's Shenzhen Daily, the city has started a campaign to crack down on excessive honkers (not honkies). The police will issue fines of 150 RMB for any offense and repeat offenders will be shamed by having their identities revealed in the local media.

I personally can't wait for this. Ever since the opening of Coastal City nearby the traffic has just gotten worse (more cars and worse drivers). Of course, I doubt anything will change around here. I have never seen a police officer do anything to any driver in this city. I once witnessed a car run a red light and almost hit a policeman on a motorcycle as well as a few pedestrians, and the policeman did absolutely nothing but ride in the opposite direction.

Next time, maybe the local government will consider handing out fines for illegal driving maneuvers. The problem isn't that there aren't enough driving laws, it's that nothing is ever enforced. I'm convinced that this city would greatly increase its GDP if it would hand out traffic fines.

I'll give an update in a couple weeks to see if this "campaign" has any effect.

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